The Rainbow is Surprisingly Digital

I don’t spend a lot of time on websites for candy. Perhaps that’s why I’m so late to the party with the Skittles website. (Apparently, this one launched about a year ago.) Regardless, their approach with the “Experience The Rainbow” website and campaign is certainly worth making note of. Here's an example of some of the content to be found on the site: Eschewing more standard UI conventions favored on the web, Skittles has ultimately combined the streaming nature of the social media feed, with a collection of seemingly random, often user-generated content. This results in a very long page that loads additional content as one reaches the bottom of the page. Experience the Rainbow Site The deliberately absurd content strategy seems to work rather nicely in this setting, as it lends a sense of creativity and whimsy to the brand. It’s also worth noting that while many agencies are still trying to wrap the web around 30-second-spots, this really feels like a more digital-centric approach. Skittles on Facebook As of this morning they had 17,365,325 likes on Facebook (and curiously only 12,615 followers on Twitter). So, it appears they’re finding a way to connect with their audience. The disparity between their Facebook and Twitter numbers also raise some interesting questions regarding which networks youth are really spending their time in. Meanwhile, they're playing with some general goofiness like this. I'll never get that excited about a candy, but apparently some do: