This is (the new) undrln

undrln is a smashLAB project, curated by that noisy, bald man Eric Karjaluoto. In it we examine today’s campaigns, be they digital, traditional, stunts, or what-have-you.

In it we sporadically post notable works, alongside samples and brief descriptions. You are welcome to vote or comment.

How to submit work

Given how busy we are, we do not actively encourage submissions. If, however, you are convinced that we must see a campaign, we will endeavor to take a cursory look at the least.

Send a description of the project, objectives, and results to: hello[at] If you have images, those will help, as will any relevant URLs, and links to embeddable YouTube clips.

Please note that we will not respond to you. That’s the result of living in a world that barfs out more email than a teenager spews chunks after chugging a liter of peach schnapps.

We don’t steal

Given the nature of this site (educational) and the content contained (advertising), we can’t imagine anyone being angry with us for showcasing their work here. In fact, such a reaction would seem rather counter-intuitive.

If, in some strange way, we have stepped on your toes, just send us an email: hello[at] and let us know why you’re so darned angry. (Please include a photo of yourself angry, just so we know you’re all “for reals.”)

That is all.