My Day of Retribution Has Arrived

I got beat up a lot as a kid. That was OK, though, because I had comics. These served as my sole hope and promise of salvation. Through them I learned that all a scorned nerd needed was to “accidentally” fall into a vat of toxic waste, or be bitten by a meth-addicted monkey, to gain bitchin’ lethal powers. The problem was always the superhot suit and cape. No matter how many times I slapped, shook, and cajoled my momma’s old Singer, though, I was never quite able to achieve anything more than what looked like a burlap sack reject. So there I was, with the power to shoot radioactive jism from my fingers, but not a uniform to do it in. Well, all of that has changed. Enter Mr. Lee, my new BFF: Leo Burnett and DC Entertainment have gone so far as to open Lee’s tailor shop in Madrid, allowing super-dorks around the world to have their own wicked threads. Just make an appointment on the website, and for around $600 USD, you’re assured of never again having a date. Just examine the evidence: Dork in Suit #1 Dork in Suit #2 Dork in Suit #3 As far as the agency stunt goes, this one is rather god-damn spectacular. Better yet, instead of just being “fun for fun’s sake,” this one ties nicely to the overall objective: conveying that in the DC Universe Online game, players can create their own costumes. Smart, on message, and it seemed to result in butt-loads of press. Superhero Suit Creation Interface Sastreria Mr. Lee Website Mr. Lee Media Attention And allow this to serve as fair warning to all those who stole my lunch money: I’m visiting Mr. Lee, getting my Captain Meth Monkey suit and coming back to fuck you up.