Message to Heineken Brass: More Eels

The new W+K spot for Heineken is a highly choreographed piece that's surprisingly rather delightful. Shadow puppets, magic tricks, bad-ass comb-overs, and flying eels all work together to lend a sense of frolic to the brand. Who knows? A few more of these, and I might consider drinking theirĀ beer again. First, though, I'll need to dissociate the brand from BMW driving douchebags who stomp into the lounge and (loudly) ask for a "Heine." Fun, yes? I thought so too. At the same time, a moment after watching, I found myself feeling as though it was from the same planet as the Old Spice Guy. So, yes: well done; meanwhile, hard to shake the feeling of it being somewhat derivative. If you like it, though, you'd be wise to watch the Entrance spot. Not quite as good, but in the same vein: That's all for now. I need to go work on my dance moves.