Zombie Struggles With His Delicates

In what must be the strangest pairing of artist and brand, Euro RSCG has enlisted Rob Zombie (director of horror films like The Devil's Rejects and previously, White Zombie front-man) to direct the most recent Woolite spot: “Torturer.” The spot is unlike any detergent ad I’ve ever seen. In the spot, a creepy dude goes to great lengths to stretch, shrink, and fade his laundry. This is all tied together with the message, “Don’t let detergents torture your clothes,” followed by the whisper, “save them.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1qot7sMx6M While it’s somewhat off-brand, I looked, and, in the age of the PVR, the game is largely becoming about just that. (Now let’s see if this is a one-trick-pony, or if they can push the concept forward.) My hunch is that the spot will never see primetime. It was built to be shared online—something I think we’ll see increasingly more of.