You Aren’t Good Enough to Read This

The key to desire relates to that which we cannot have: the restaurant that’s always booked; a nightclub with an impenetrable line; or, Apple’s product “shortages.” Curiously, brands tend to not understand this, instead electing to “give it all away” on the first date. The World's Most Exclusive Website is a curious little project by Chris Baker, Jeff Greenspan, and Michael Lacher. In it they use visitors’ Twitter influence to determine how far they can get in this virtual space (you’ll probably be redirected to the Olive Garden). The desire to get in proved strong enough to even lure folks like Ryan Seacrest to tweet it to his 4.7 million followers. Door 1: And just like a real nightclub, there’s nothing that exciting on the other side of the door (see images below, collected after the site was “hacked”). That doesn’t matter, though. The desire to see what’s behind closed doors consistently proves enough to make us crazy. Smart marketers will make a mental note of this one; the rest of you will simply create more Facebook Fan Pages. Door 2: Door 3: Door 4: Door 5: Door 6: Door 7: Door 8: Door 9: The End: