Perrier’s Le Club is Rather “Le Lame”

I haven’t seen the brief, so perhaps I just don’t understand. As I think back to my youth, though, I don’t recall thinking of Perrier as a “good time” drink. Beer? Yes. Tequila? OK. Saccharine wine coolers? Heck, why not? Pretty much anything that crossed the blood-brain barrier did the trick. The time for mineral water didn’t come until my 30s, when I wanted something bubbly that didn’t make me even more fat. [caption id="attachment_454" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Perrier's "Le Club" themed YouTube page"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_461" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Perrier's core website is very "old-school""][/caption] Perrier seems to think differently (as evidenced by their "retro" website). To the point, though, in a feeble attempt to connect with that coveted yoot market, Perrier is going all digital. Eschewing wasting any time with a passé concept,* they’re instead going straight for beer-ad territory, with the perennial “titties and hot bods” approach. In a nutshell: every visit to their YouTube page results in new “hotter” videos being unlocked. This largely means sweaty people pulling at their shirts. The whole thing feels desperate and terribly off brand. This from Ogilvy France. Poor Dave must be rolling in his grave. Reportedly, Perrier is doing this to connect with a “chic” audience, and a quick survey of the comments indicates they’ve hit the nail on the head. Don wants it “hotter” and is “always ready,” Perrier Le Club: Dan Cherie shares her rather tawdry fantasies of Perrier pools, (Cherie, we all share in that deep primal urge.) MrTUFFTALK is unconvinced, noting that “the ugly cracked out looking white bitches” don’t really resonate with him, Me? I just keep wondering: is that semen dripping off the chandelier in video #4? *Update: I mistakenly noted that there was no concept behind the campaign. This was a grave mistake. Ogilvy comments, "The creative idea was based on a universal truth: The more people that are in one place, the hotter that place gets." Now, that is a universal truth, but shouldn't they be giving props to philosopher Nelly for that observation?