Feel the Lust for the King’s Meat

Instead of going for engagement, Burger King is simply paying customers to sit there and watch its ads. In a way, it’s rather smart. Rather than force ads that would be skipped anyway, or fight for “Likes,” they’re getting some real face time at a nominal cost. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KTx8VA745w It’s all pretty simple. You tune into DirecTV, watch an on-screen burger for 5 minutes, and earn a Whopper. (Viewers must remote buttons, to ensure they’re not cheating.) It’s predicted that over 13,500 gristly hours of viewing will occur before the campaign ends, late this week. My question is whether you really want to reach the demographic that has enough spare time to watch an ad for payment in burgers. Oh... right... I withdraw that thought. You have won this round CP+B. This marks last CP+B’s campaign with Burger King, which is moving on to its new agency of record: McGarryBowen.